Allerzip Bed Bug Proof Encasement Review

Protecting your health is a huge investment. So choose the best bedding encasement to avoid the health risks from dust mites and bed bug that may got stuck within your bed sheets or mattress. 

You can prevent really bad health problems from harmful organisms by selecting the right hypoallergenic bedding. 

Allerzip Bed bug Proof Bedding Encasement provides the ultimate in allergy protection. It has a Patented Bug Lock with Secure Seal and the 3-sided zipper system and allergy flap provides total bed bug protection. Keeps your mattress dry and free of stains, a dust-mite barrier and reduces exposure to allergens.

In this review of Allerzip, you can determine whether it is the right option for you or not, so read on and discover things about it. 


  • Fits with a 12 to 18 inch Deep of a bed measurement. 
  • Assurance of bed bug entry, escape and surely a bite proof type of bedding encasement. 
  • “6-Sides” for a waterproof barrier feature. 
  • Cool resting experience and does not overheat. 
  • Barrier feature against dust mite and allergy. 
  • Available on three sizes (Twin, Queen, and King Bed Size) 
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  • Superb Protection – Allerzip Bed bug Proof Bedding Encasement ensures the most important feature and advantage it offers to its users and it is the superb protection against bed bugs, dust mites, allergens and other organisms that could be very harmful to one’s health. Due to this reason, many have proven that it is a perfect option for them because of its health focused benefits. People protect themselves against allergy with this high quality performing bedding encasement at their home. 
  • Comfortable Feeling when used – another benefit of Allerzip Bed bug Proof Bedding Encasement is its capacity to deliver a comfortable feeling when used on your room. One of its features includes the feature of delivering a cool experience. The Allerzip bedding encasement does not overheat or changing a comfortable feeling to its users. As a matter of fact, users tend to choose this product because of its comfortable and breathable feature and these enables them to experience 
  • Quality Performance on Avoiding Bed Bugs – Allerzip Bed bug Proof Bedding Encasement is the only bedding encasement that assures a real solution for keeping bed bugs away from the beddings. Its quality performance to assure bed bug’s escape and strong barrier against there is one of the main reasons why it happened. There will be no bed bugs accumulated within the beddings as well as other organisms which are harmful to the health of anyone out there because of its main protection features for the users. 
  • Affordable Pride – while it has to provide many benefits of protecting and delivering good services to people, Allerzip Bed bug Proof Bedding Encasement also got its promise of making sure that this is affordable for many consumers. Its price is considerable enough for many interested consumers of this bed bug encasement. 


Despite of the good feedback that Allerzip Bed bug Proof Bedding Encasement gained from the many consumers who purchased it, there are still some of them who became unsatisfied with the comfort they felt on using the product. For them, these are simply not enough and should still be more improved by the manufactures. But nevertheless, all features of the products works well for most of the users of it and it is the main reason why it stand still with the best bedding encasement bed bug proof in the market. 

Customer Reviews

Many consumers of Allerzip Bed bug Proof Bedding Encasement have given their impression after they have proven its efficiency as a product. Most of them have good impression while few have quite a lower level of positive regarding the product. Here are some of the feedbacks of consumers who agreed it is the best bedding encasement for them. 

  • One of the consumers said that among their tried mattress protector, Allerzip Bed bug Proof Bedding Encasement is the only one that stands out well. It is because of the reason that they were really able to become safe against bed bug and allergens. Now, they are healthier and enjoying their rest thanks to Allerzip. 
  • One of the consumers of Allerzip Bed bug Proof Bedding Encasement also shared a good experience about the bed encasement. No more bed bugs and dust mites that bite her skin are trapped within their mattress and it is the good thing that it makes her more comfortable in sleeping. 

Is It Worth Buying?

Allerzip Bed bug Proof Bedding Encasement generally offers the best bed bug proof bedding encasement that efficiently works at home. Due to the fact that most experiences of the users are positive, the product became more popular and turned as one of the best options of many searchers of the product too.

More and more households choose Allerzip simply because of its advantages particularly for promoting health and primary purpose of preventing the users from allergy and asthma which can always be the result of dust mite and bed bug’s presence in bed. 

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