Assess Peak Flow Meter Review 

The Assess Peak Flow Meter can help you manage your asthma symptoms before they get worse. 

Millions of Americans suffer from asthma. It affects five year-olds, 100 year-olds, rich people, and poor people alike. Not only do you need to see medical professionals, you should also monitor your breathing.

Daily measuring can tell you how quickly you can expel air from your lungs. It can help you and your doctor manage your asthma.


  • Asthma Management Zone System measures peak expiratory flow (PEF) which tells you how well you are breathing
  • Uses Piston technology
  • Two ranges: The standard model ranges from 60-880 lpm, and the low model ranges from 0-400 lpm.  
  • Daily Record Chart is included so you can review them with your doctor 
  • Single use mouthpiece

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Monitor Your Lungs Safely At Home

The ASSESS® Full Range Peak Flow Meter can provide you with the help to control your symptoms. It measures your “peak expiratory flow rate” (PEFR) which is the fastest speed at which you can blow air out of your lungs. 

When you have an asthma episode or attack, your airways are narrowed and air cannot move easily. PEFR can tell you how well you are breathing by measuring how well air is moving through your lungs. 

When you blow into ASSESS, your breath pushes a piston inside the meter up a scale. 

When the piston rises, it carries the indicator with it and the indicator remains at your peak flow value. A high number usually means that air is moving easily through your lungs. 

Generally, peak flow meters provide two ranges of measurements for asthmatics.  Low range peak flow meters are used for very small children while a standard range peak flow meter is used for teens and adults.

You can use the standard range to track your normal breathing patterns and follow your asthma action plan. And it fits safely in your purse, bag or pocket so you can take it anywhere.

Keep A Log Of Your Progress

If you have a breathing condition such as asthma, It is crucial to do whatever you can to keep your asthma under control.your doctor or healthcare provider may recommend that you use peak flow meter to monitor changes in your airflow. 

Easy to use, the Assess Peak Flow Meter by Healthscan is a quick, highly accurate method of monitoring peak flow rates. 

Daily peak flow readings can help detect subtle changes in your lung function... sometimes even before you are aware of them. 

Therefore, a peak flow meter will help measure the openness of your airways. Changes in your airflow may require your doctor to adjust your treatment plan.

A journal about your adventures with asthma can help restore your control over your life. It  enables you to enjoy the activities that you love without a tremendous amount of stress or fear.

What Is Included?

  • ASSESS® Peak Flow Meter with Asthma Management Zone System 
  • Measurement: Full Range (60-880 L/min) 
  • Instructions For Use 
  • Daily Record Chart 
  • Mouthpiece


  • Provides an objective measure of peak expiratory flow (PEF)
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • You can keep a record of your peak flow measurements and review them with your doctor in order to determine the best treatment. 


  • You will have to manually log in all of your peak flow reading onto paper charts.
  • No method to electronically monitor your readings over a long term

Is It Worth Buying?

Avoid a surprise asthma attacks by monitoring your peak flow regularly. 

The ASSESS® Full Range Peak Flow Meter measures the speed at which you can blow air out of your lungs. If you have asthma, this can tell you how well your lungs are working by measuring how well air is moving through the lung airways. 

I would recommend this peak flow meter if you are looking for a simple measuring device that you can keep in your bag.

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