Asthma and Stress -
The Basics Of Stress Management

Asthma and stress can be a bad combination. If you suffer from chronic disease, learning asthma stress management will enable you to better control your symptoms. If you can handle the anxiety that comes with this disease, you will be better prepared to weather the storm.

Asthma symptoms can be managed quickly if you know how. By effectively addressing your asthma and stress issues and calmly resolving your breathing problems, you can shorten the duration and severity of the episode.

One of the most difficult aspects of this condition is the unpredictability factor. Not having a clear understanding of when an attack is likely to occur can be huge contributor to asthma and stress. 

While there are numerous formal stress management techniques, you can learn some simple activities at home to relax yourself and relieve stress.

Know Your Triggers and Reduce Your Stress

Proper asthma stress management requires that you have a keen knowledge of your triggers. The more knowledgeable you are about how your body responds to various external factors, the more calm and collected that you will be. During a stressful situation, staying calm will help you either prevent or stop an attack.

When cold air and other external triggers are factors in an attack, the most helpful thing that an individual can do is to remember that the duration of an episode is for a short period of time. Controlled, calm breathing is especially useful to learn and can help you to relax during an attack.

Can Stress Management Really Improve Your Breathing?

One good way to tell if asthma stress management can improve your symptoms is to test it yourself with a peak flow meter. Peak flow meters measure the amount of air that is going to and from your lungs.

Daily measurements can help you gauge any major changes. With regular and consistent use, a peak flow meter can keep you informed about any differences that may signify breathing problems. 

Asthma Stress Management Techniques That Really Work

One extremely helpful stress management techniques is that of a warm bath. The air around the tub and in the room is warm and moist. This is a naturally soothing activity that is only further enhanced by the quality of air that you will be breathing.

Other stress management techniques include visualization, meditation, biofeedback, and hypnosis among others.

  • Visualization - produces a mental and physical well-being by exercises that battle stress, remove tension, and promote the body’s self-healing mechanism. Although it does not treat asthma directly, it brings the body to the point where it can heal itself.
  • Meditation - creates a state of consciousness of pure relaxation and stress is not an issue. When you are in this state of health and well-being, your body reacts in a positive manner. Your muscles relax and consequently your breathing improves.
  • Biofeedback - is a way of regulating biological functions by monitoring them with as they respond to different treatments. This will give feedback about what works and what doesn’t. Research shows that when you know how your body reacts, you have can have power over your involuntary response to certain factors, such as an allergic reaction.
  • Hypnosis - result in a state of deep relaxation and suggestion. When done correctly, a practitioner can put you into a relaxed hypnotic state make suggestions to remove stress, change your response to triggers and decrease symptoms.

These stress management techniques are not direct links to stopping asthma and stress symptoms but they produce an environment where you can heal. The benefits are not immediate but over time you will feel relaxed, healthier, and have a better state of mind.

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