Asthma And Stress
Can Cause A Bad Attack

Asthma and stress are not good companions. Asthma can certainly be triggered or worsen by stress, and this makes it more difficult to treat. More and more sufferers are becoming aware of the influence of these two on each other. Asthma can certainly be a cause of stress, and this can definitely make it more difficult to control. 

Feelings of anxiety or panic can come from many sources, such as work or social situations.

Many people who have asthma often say that it tends to be worse whenever they are upset or under stress and it affects their breathing. In recent years, there have been an increasing number of both human and animal studies that link psychological and emotional stress to illness. 

With asthma, external elements, such as pollen and air pollution, cause the body's defense system to overreact and negatively affect the lungs. 

It has also been found that these naturally occurring defense reactions are also affected by situations involving stress. It is like a poison that can worsen a bad situation. 

So if you live a stressful life, then you should know that it can make your breathing problems worse.

The Effect Of Asthma And Stress

Asthma can be a life-threatening condition. This can increase levels of anxiety, leading to panic, which in turn can trigger or worsen an asthma attack. Anxiety, resentment and despair are common emotions felt by the asthmatic.

An asthma attack is usually regarded as a physical experience. Sufferers often experience chest tightness, coughing, and an increased effort to breathe. Yet asthma also has an emotional component. There is the frustration of experiencing an attack and the fear of what might happen if the attack worsens.

Stress will cause the body to dramatically respond to the smallest trigger. Asthmatics with a higher stress levels are known to have attacks with a smaller amounts of outside irritants. Since asthma is basically a hyperactive response to an outside stimulus, any imbalance will cause these responses to perform improperly. 

If you suffer from asthma and have a lot of stress, then you will probably have an increased incidence of attacks. 

Stress Can Cause Decreased Immunity 

Stress is known to influence the operation of all areas of the human immune system and aggravate a wide number of medical conditions. Asthma and stress are associated with decreased functioning of immune systems as well as general immunity dysfunctions. 

Stress have been proven to be related to everything from skin rashes to certain types of cancer.  In asthma, stress disturbs an already fragile immune system and causes a longer recovery time. 

With asthma herbs, you can build the health of your lungs and immunity system. When taken on a daily basis, these asthma herbs help to protect you during times of stress.

Stress and Poor Digestion

Stress can also cause poor digestion which can lead to the buildup of various toxins throughout the body, including the lung and airway tissue. These impurities can collect in these tissues and ultimately contribute to chronic breathing conditions. 

Bad diets, in general, are more common among people with stressful lifestyles, which can result in vitamin deficiencies and overall poor health. 

Stress can change the delicate balance of the body over time, or it can also simply affect the way that your body functions. It has also been found that the children of mothers prone to depression or panic attacks have an increased risk of developing asthma.

An asthma diet can help to restore a nutritional balance. It replenishes many vitamins and minerals so that your body can function better. If you are not able to have a well-balanced healthy diet, then supplements will replenish your body of vital nutrients.

Asthma Management: Easy Ways To Decrease Your Anxiety

One of the key components of controlling asthma and stress involves overall good health. By maintaining asthma and stress management, it becomes much easier to manage breathing problems. 

These are some simple ways to prevent your worst symptoms:

  • Practice Breathing Exercise. Simple breathing exercises and yoga have been known to alleviate some of the stress that is related to asthma. Breathing exercises strengthen the lungs and diaphragm so that you can take deep healthy breaths without thinking about it.
  • Exercise Regularly. Strive and get some habitual exercise such as brisk walking, swimming or whatever appeals to you. Play a sport you’re interested in. Aerobic exercises can considerably reduce the stress factor. Work out also improves sleep and gives you time to think and focus on other things. It also promotes the release of natural soothing chemicals in your body. Do not result to excessive exercise, however, as this may have an adverse effect and might cause more depression.
  • Never Skip meals, Especially Breakfast. Get time out to eat heartily no matter how busy you are. Take nutritious snacks to the office, or even the shopping mall. A nutritionally balanced diet is essential to your health and lifestyle. For example, researchers have found that even small deficiencies of thiamin, a B-complex vitamin, can cause anxiety symptoms.
  • Live Optimistically. Count your blessings, particularly when everything seems to go wrong. Believe that many other people are living in worse conditions than you are. Don’t exaggerate the complexity of your problems. Every problem has a solution. All you need to do is find that solution. Learn to be happy and to enjoy life’s blessings. Live one day at a time.]
  • Take Control Over Your Time and Schedule. You’ll be much more able to deal with stress if you have a good handle on your job, relationships, and other activities. When you are in control, you are more inclined to stay focused and calm. Plan your time wisely.Remember to leave room for unexpected events – both negative and positive.
  • Do Your Tasks One Thing At A Time. Focus your attention on the present moment, whether it’s the person talking to you or the job at hand. This helps you to avoid making errors – which lead to more tension and anxiety. Be patient in waiting. Anxiety caused by impatience can rise up your blood pressure.
  • Search For A Support Group. You’ll be able to manage stress much better if you have other people helping and supporting you. Did you know that married people and people who are outgoing (always meeting with friends), have considerably low levels of stress in their lives?

For your health, it is wise to find your own method that will help you to remove asthma and stress from your life. Although life can be stressful, it is imperative to find a way to relieve anxiety. 

As a secret trigger of asthma, stress should be avoided at all costs. 

If you can remove some of the stress in your life, then you will probably be able to better manage your symptoms. A major part of asthma management includes finding your triggers and eliminating them. As you can decrease your stress, your symptoms should also decline.

More Information
On The Safest Asthma Treatments

Asthma does not have to leave you breathless. Even though it can be difficult to live with, it can be successfully controlled.  With the right therapy, you can take your life back. If you want to learn about different medical treatments and natural remedies, take a peek at:

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Most people find fewer problems with asthma when they find a treatment plan or plan of action that works. Read The SAFE Asthma Treatment Guide and discover the four steps to controlling asthma.  With a little guidance from this report and a help from your doctor, you can control your wheezing and coughing so that you can breathe easier. This report will give you a blueprint so that you can manage your symptoms at anytime.

And remember … any asthma treatment prescribed by a physician should always be taken as ordered, even if there are no symptoms. Your doctor is the gatekeeper to keeping you healthy.

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