Asthma Herbs:
A Healthy Alternative To Medicine

Asthma herbs are an alternative way to deal with your breathing problems without adding more chemicals into your body. Wheezing is bad enough with the harmful side effects from medications.

If you are considering asthma herbs as part of your treatment, there are a few things to know beforehand.

Getting the right information before you invest can help you choose your herbal remedy or supplement wisely.

Many times using herbs to treat a condition gets a bad rap. This is because there are treatment alternatives out there that can be dangerous, especially when poorly moderated and poorly prescribed.

Educate Yourself About Asthma Herbs

Asthma is a respiratory disorder where the airways of the lungs are hypersensitive and swell in response to certain allergens. The typical symptoms are coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

Asthma herbs can be a solution to a very big problem. Because pharmaceutical drugs are triggers for many individuals, herbs can do what prescription drugs can't do .... with no side effects.

Types Of Asthma Herbal Treatments

While conventional medicine should be used to treat asthma symptoms, especially in an emergency situation, asthma herbs can be used for optimal health. Examples include:

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine – In Chinese culture, asthma is seen as disruption of the “phlegm” or sputum production that is caused by malfunction of lungs, kidneys, and spleen. The function of chinese herbs are to bring balance to these organs.
  • Western Herbal Medicine – This is an ancient form of medicine that uses herbs, flowers, and plant to heal. You should consult a reputable herbalist before starting any herbal treatment plan. Only certain herbs can help an asthmatic condition and the wrong combination can be deadly.

Where To Find A Reliable Source Of Herbal Medicine

Online resources can give you a vast amount of information about non-traditional treatment methods. Product ratings and reviews will give you insight into consumer experience and response. From these you can often choose a reputable supplier for the herbs that you seek. is an online herbal store that provides an assortment of supplements that can boost your lung function. BioVent Drops is a herbal remedy that supports the health your lungs and strengthen the immune system.

Natural Remedies Should Be Monitored

If you have not already done so, create an asthma journal that will help you gather the data that you need to evaluate any herbal treatments that you choose. Your asthma journal can also include information about your triggers, the herbal remedy, the duration of your attacks, and any signs of relief. 

But if you truly want to keep track of your asthma, you should invest in a peak flow meter. A peak flow meter measures airflow into and out of your lungs. 

Each morning, a peak flow meter gives you a reading and this may help you to predict an oncoming attack. It can also help you tell if an herbal remedy or supplement is effective or detrimental. 

Herbal Remedies Provide A Sigh Of Relief

Many herbal solutions can prevent asthma without introducing toxins into the body. If you are looking a remedy is homemade, then look at one that is grown from a garden.  Many natural treatments can take six weeks to six months to produce marked changes. But if it is used correctly, it can ease your breathing.

The more that you know about using herbs, the more you can use it to supplement asthma management. Although an herbal asthma treatment can take some time to work, it can prevent breathing problems so that you don’t have to go to the emergency room. 

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Many people with asthma find fewer complications when they find a management plan that really works. Read The SAFE Asthma Treatment Guide and discover the four steps to controlling asthma.  

With a little help from your doctor and the right plan of action, you can control your wheezing so that you can breathe easier.

And remember … any asthma treatment prescribed by a physician should always be taken as ordered, even if there are no symptoms. Your doctor is the gatekeeper to keeping you healthy.

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