Asthma Journal:
Write And Understand Your Symptoms

An asthma journal can be your ticket to understanding and managing asthma symptoms. Since asthma is different for each individual, there is no one solution.

If you suffer from this respiratory problem, then you should start an written form so that your doctor can follow your progress. These notes can help you to better understand your illness so that you can get the right treatment without wasting time.

A Peak Flow Is The Key To Your Asthma Journal

One of your most invaluable resources when opting to try new products is a peak flow meter. These are normally given out or recommended by asthma doctors. 

These simple devices are hand-held, extremely easy to use, and with diligent application can help you recognize the signs and symptoms of an oncoming attack. A peak flow measures the amount of air that travels into and out of your lungs. Each person is different and has an individual peak flow recordings.

Once you know what is your best recordings, you can record them in your asthma journal and compare your daily readings. With this info, you can prevent your worst symptoms.

List Your Triggers And Treatments

The best way to prevent asthma symptoms is to identify triggers and avoid them. Common triggers include pollen, smoke, dust, dust mites, mold, and animal dander. You cannot begin to improve your symptoms until you know how to control your environment.

The asthma treatments that you use should be listed. When you find a tool or strategy that is especially helpful make sure to list this as well. The only way to find if it does work for you is to follow your progress on a daily basis for at least two weeks. While it may seem bothersome, it will give you insight into what really works for you.

Record On A Daily Basis

Each morning you can use your peak flow meter to measure the amount of air getting in and out of your lungs. By recording these results you can collect the data that will help create a chart that can reveal any significant fluctuations. When you have collected data for several weeks, implementing a new treatment product can be easy to do.

Sometimes Change Is Good

If you implement a new product and the readings from your peak flow meter are drastic, this may signify either a turn for the better or worse in your condition. In many cases it can take several days or more to get a good idea of how something is affecting your airways. This is necessary each time you implement a new product. Even minute changes can have a dramatic effect on your asthma.

If you wish to incorporate a natural asthma remedy into your treatment plan to avoid side effects, you can visit This website offers a line of herbal supplements that can naturally boost your immune and respiratory system to improve your breathing.

An Asthma Journal Can Help You To Focus

Your journal can help restore your control over your life and will enable you to enjoy the activities that you love. As you progress in your understanding of your condition you can share this journal with other sufferers.

It is always important to get regular check-ups regardless of the asthma products that you choose to implement on your own. These will help you look at any major changes and can help evaluate the effectiveness of your asthma management plan.

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