Preventing Childhood Asthma:
8 Ways To Ease Your Child’s Breathing

Childhood asthma can be very troubling for a young person. This is a lifelong commitment that has to be managed carefully.

The important thing to do to prevent episodes is to avoid triggers that can bring upon attacks.

The best way to control asthma is for you as a parent is to learn what causes it, how to prevent it and the effective ways to treat it.

This will teach you everything that you need to know to prevent your child’s symptoms.

Asthma is a condition that is frequently triggered by environmental factors. The most common triggers are infections, smoke, dust, pet dander, mold, and pollen. They tend to fill the lungs with foreign particles that are irritating. The risk factors include allergies, family history of allergy, viral infections, and exposure to environmental factors such as smoke.

The good news is that if your young one is sensitive to certain allergens, you can make adjustments to help relieve symptoms. These includes:

  • Switching to allergen beddings and dust mite covers that do not hold onto bed bugs or dust mites.
  • Using cleaning supplies that are hypo-allergic and odor-free.
  • Putting an air cleaner in your child’s room. The main functions of these devices are to clear away allergens and to maintain good air quality.
  • Using a humidifier to add moisture to the air and relax the lung airways.
  • Keeping furniture dust-free and vacuum rugs to limit your child’s exposure to allergens.
  • Using pet allergen control products that can remove pet dander.
  • Removing mold or mildew at the first sight.
  • Choosing nebulizers and kits that are specialized for pediatrics.

Every child is different. So keep a list so that you can discuss it with your doctor. By using the right methods, you can prevent many of the symptoms of childhood asthma that bother your child. Just by adjusting your child’s environment, you can stop symptoms before they happen.

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Most people find fewer problems with breathing problems when they find an asthma management plan that really works. Read The SAFE Asthma Treatment Guide and discover the four steps to controlling asthma.  With a little help from your doctor and the right plan of action, you can control your wheezing and coughing so that you can breathe easier.

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