Using Dust Mite Covers To Protect Your Home Against Allergens

Dust mite covers can provide a line of defense from tiny bugs, better known as mites that secretly live in your furniture. While it is harmless to most people, it can be dangerous for an asthmatic.

The most common allergen to be found in the home is the dust mite. It has nothing to do with not keeping your residence clean. It is just that these microscopic creatures find a house to be a great place to live. As humans we constantly shed dead skin and mites find this as a feast to feed upon.

For the vast majority of us, these bugs live harmoniously along with us. For the person who is stricken with asthma, they can cause a number of problems.

There is no way to completely eliminate these offending minute creatures but they can be greatly reduced. Many of the offending articles can be removed. Some of these are carpeting, window coverings, and certain type of clothing. The bed itself cannot be removed but exposing yourself to these allergens can be diminished greatly using a few simple rules.

Dust mite covers can make them feel less at home. Special covers can be purchased that completely encase your bedding. Since the bedroom is their favorite room in the house, there is no better place to start your war against these common invaders. With just a few simple steps can give you a more healthy and symptom-free environment.

Encasing your mattress, comforters, box springs and pillows in mite covers is one way to keep them out of your bed. These covers come with pores so small they keep the mites and their offending waste out away from the asthmatic. This allows for fewer symptoms of difficult breathing.

Special laundry detergents can be purchased to kill the creatures that are constantly drawn to your bed. During washing, the water should be hot, above 130 degrees, to perform the task adequately. Once done, you can remake the bed and reduce these pollutants to tolerable levels. Anyone who suffers with asthma will recognize the difference in their ability to breathe better.

Features To Look For In Dust Mite Covers

Reliable barrier to allergens – If you really want to stop all types of allergens while you sleep, you should pay attention to the micron pore size of the allergy bedding. Studies have shown that a microfiber fabric must have a pore size of between 2 to 6 microns that can block all allergens. This includes dust, dust mites, and pet allergens. This is how you determine the quality of a mattress or comforter cover.

Highly recommended – If you want to find out if allergy bedding is right for someone with allergies or asthma, then you should look for a certification seal of approval. A seal like this shows that the product has passed multiple tests and is considered to be approved for people with asthma and allergy problems.

Durable – You should consider allergy-free bedding as an investment in your health. This type of bedding is more expensive than standard bedding but the good news is that it should last a lot longer. You are not washing it as often and yet you keep the same protection against dust mites. Usually a money back guarantee is included to back up the durability of the product.

Comfort – Since you probably will be sleeping on your allergy bedding, comfort is a big issue to consider. You should stick to natural fibers because they air out body heat, are more comfortable, and are more durable than synthetic fibers. You should also look at the type of microfiber fabric material used for the bedding. It should be breathable which means that it promotes air circulation.

Easy to clean – While you will not clean the allergy bedding as often, it should be easy to use. You do not want to leave moisture and dead human skin for dust mites to feed on. If you have a pet that likes to visit you in bed, this can lead to breathing problems. Regular cleaning is one of the secrets to keeping dust mites and animal dander under control. Even though allergy cleaning does not have to be cleaned as frequently, you will want one that is hassle-free.

Are Dust Mite Covers Worth The Expense? 

These are our favorite picks of dust mite covers ... they keep dust mites away so you will have less asthma attacks. But don't just take our word for it. Read product features and customer reviews to find the one that won't let the bed bugs bite.

Dust Mite Cover Reviews : Bedding That Can Improve Your Breathing

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