Humidifier Reviews:
Add The Right Humidity To Your Home

Air Humidifier Reviews - These are our favorite picks of products that fight asthma symptoms. Read the features, costs, and benefits of the humidifier reviewsso that you can find the right one for your family.

Hot dry air is a common trigger for those who suffer from asthma. The right humidifier can add heat and humidity so that you or one of your family members will have less wheezing and coughing.

The features to look at in air humidifier reviews are the size of the room, the humidity of your area, the noise level of the unit, and the ease of use of the unit. Although you may have your own list when looking at humidifier reviews, these features will keep optimal humidity in your home.

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Top Rated Humidifier Items

Honeywell QuietCare 9-Gallon Output Console Humidifier with Air Washing Technology, HCM-6009 Lasko 1128 9-Gallon Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier pureguardian H1600 80-Hour Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier




Brand: Honeywell
Brand: Lasko
Brand: Pure Guardian
Model: HCM-6009
Model: 1128
Model: H1600
Pure Guardian
Humidifier Review - Honeywell QuietCare delivers ultra-quiet performance with 9-gallon-per-day output; designed for rooms up to 2300 square feet. Thi unit has adjustable humidity control with 3 moisture settings and 30 percent quieter than other tower models. Runs up to 24 hours per filling. The pre-filter traps dust, dirt and pollen and helps to prevent migration of mold, fungus, algae and bacteria. Size = 21 x 17.5 x 13; 3.4 gallon tank; 3-year warranty Humidifier Review - Lasko 1128 Humidifier is ideal for multiple rooms. Features 3 comfort control speeds continuous visible water circulation.. 3-speed evaporative recirculating humidifier for spaces up to 3200 square feet. Disperses cool, clean, invisible moisture without white dust or over-humidification. 4-1/2-gallon water reservoir is removeable for easy filling. Size = 22 x 14 x 17. Humidifier Review - The Pureguardian Ultrasonic Table Top Humidifier is a cool mist humidifier. Silver clean technology fights the growth of mold and bacteria on the surface of the water tank. Up to fifty five hour run time. Silent operation makes it perfect to use while sleeping. Variable mist control for use in small or large rooms. No evaporating pads, filters or wicks to clean or replace. Choose from warm or cool mist. No added costs to maintain the humidifier.4 x 8 x 9 inches. Three-year limited warranty.

Other Recommended Humidifier Items

Air humidifiers go a long way in keeping the air quality the best it can be for the person who suffers from this debilitating disease. So use these humidifier reviews to find the best one for you and your family.

Many people with asthma find fewer complications when they find a management plan that really works. Read The SAFE Asthma Treatment Guide and discover the four steps to controlling asthma.  

With a little help from your doctor and the right plan of action, you can control your wheezing so that you can breathe easier.

And remember … any asthma treatment prescribed by a physician should always be taken as ordered, even if there are no symptoms. Your doctor is the gatekeeper to keeping you healthy.

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