Infant Asthma:
Products To Help Your Baby Breathe

Infant asthma can be successfully managed with the right kind of treatment plan. Once your pediatrician has diagnosed asthma for your child, you can start a safe treatment plan. By using some of the following products, you can develop an asthma action plan to control the symptoms.

Related Products For Infant Asthma

Organic Cotton Crib Mattress Pads

The CB 1003 is an organic crib mattress that does use toxins but has steel coils, that provide stronger supports for older toddler use. The base is then covered with certified and independently lab tested organic cotton with an organic wool middle layer. Wool is a natural fire retardant and meets the CPSC Fire Safety Standards.

Organic Cotton Crib Sheets

Don't let your baby go to sleep with pesticides and formaldehyde. Made from 100% pure Organic Cotton, Organic Cotton sateen Crib sheets have a luxurious feel. Your baby will love em. All manufacturing and finishing for this natural bedding are achieved without chemical ingredients, dyes, or formaldehyde. So no chemicals to breathe in while sleeping.

Waffle Weave Organic Cotton Crib Blanket

USA grown and manufactured Organic cotton waffle weave crib blankets are wonderfully comforting and the price is right for every budget. Produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemicals, these blankets are soft, absorbent and quality made with certified Organic cotton. Without chemicals, there is no potential harm from toxins to your baby while sleeping.

PARI Trek S Portable Compressor Nebulizer

The PARI TREK S Compact Compressor is for active families who want to take aerosol treatments anywhere and everywhere. The compressor is small, lightweight, and yet powerful. It permits the freedom to take aerosol treatments away from home to the car or to grandparents. The efficient treatment times in as little as 7 minutes. That way you don’t have to worry about missing a treatment.

PARI Baby Nebulizer Set Size 2

If you want quick relief from infant asthma, then PARI Baby Nebulizer is for your family. This aerosol delivery system is designed specifically for the low inspiratory flow rates of babies and young children. The PARI BABY also adapts to the needs of the patient by allowing treatments to be given in almost any position, such as lying down, sitting in a lap or stroller, or standing.

Most people find fewer problems with breathing problems when they find an asthma management plan that really works. Read The SAFE Asthma Treatment Guide and discover the four steps to controlling asthma.  With a little help from your doctor and the right plan of action, you can control your wheezing and coughing so that you can breathe easier.

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