Mini-Wright Standard Peak Flow Meter Review

You can tackle asthma … if you have the right tools. Asthma is not a terminal illness and it doesn’t have to cause you to suffer.  With a good management plan and respectable peak flow meter, you can control it and enjoy your life!

If you think you are too busy to monitor your symptoms, the Mini Wright peak flow meter may be for you. 

Now you can have a peak flow meter that is cheaper and easier to use than you may think. It can give you a reading in no time … so you can be on your way.

Features Of Mini-Wright Standard Peak Flow Meter:

  • Provides accurate peak flow measurements to provide feedback on the state of your asthma at any one time based on your peak flow meter numbers.
  • Easy-to-read sliding scale (white text on purple background)
  • Portable, lightweight, and compact so it fits in the palm of your hand
  • Single or multi- person use - Built-in one-way valve prevents inhaling through the device and allows for multi-patient use ² with disposable mouthpieces
  • Standard Range - measures between 60-880 L/min (liters per minute)
  • Easy to clean 
  • Latex-free
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Accurate Measurements For Asthma Management

Today advances in technology have created smaller devices that can do almost any job. Even if you suffer with severe asthma attacks, the Mini-Wright™ Digital Peak Flow Monitor can help you with your asthma management.

In 1969, The original Wright meter was the first to define and measure airflow in patients. Known as the 'Gold Standard' for asthma management, the Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter has become a great tool for monitoring asthma symptoms. 

Since it measures the amount of air from that you exhale from your lungs, it can definitely assist you with your breathing problems. It can tell you a lot about the overall health of your lungs. Once you know the “personal best” numbers for your peak flow readings, you can monitor how your lungs are working.

If you really want an asthma action plan to be effective, you should measure your breathing. Just take the peak flow readings to your next doctor visit and compare it to your asthma action plan.

Compact Design With Simple Operation

The Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter is small and yet accurately measures the air that is exhaled from your lungs. With your doctor’s help, you can monitor the health of your lungs. 

The Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter is also light weight and latex free. It fits in the palm of your hand and is sealed for worry-free cleaning.  Once you know what your baseline readings are, you can detect an impending attack even before you have any breathing difficulties.

Every morning you should use your peak flow to monitor your breathing. These measurements reveal how well air is moving through your airways. Lower peak flow readings indicate a narrowing of the lung airways.

Even if you know your symptoms and triggers, it is best to have a way to see if your treatment plan is working. 

Your asthma doctor can review your treatment plan and fill out the best asthma medications, dosages, and frequency. They should be appropriate for the severity of your asthma symptoms.

What Is Included?

  • Mini-Wright Standard Peak Flow Meter
  • Standard range is 60-900 lpm
  • The Mini-Wright is 10" long and 2" wide. 
  • It comes complete with daily record charts. 
  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty


  • It has an easy to read sliding scale which measures 60 - 850 liters per minute (standard range). 
  • Recommended for most adults and teenagers who have larger lung volume
  • Each device individually calibrated for absolute accuracy
  • The water tight seal makes the Mini-Wright Digital easy to clean and sterilize.


  • The Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter is designed for single-patient use ONLY. But it can be used as a multi-patient use device with the use of a disposable mouthpiece, but you will have to clean the device between each use.
  • If you will be testing a child, you will need to use a Pediatric Disposable Mouthpiece and attach it to the original device.
  • With regular use, each unit should be replaced every 3 years to maintain accuracy.
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Is It Worth Buying?

Mini-Wright Standard Peak Flow Meter is a flexible device for many asthmatics. By measuring your peak flow, it can follow the health of your lungs and help you with asthma management. 

The pros are that this meter is accurate and easy to use. The cons are that it is only meant for one person and has limited range. So if you need to test a child, you will need a pediatric attachment.

So if you are an adult and need a flow meter to keep in your pocket or bag, this may be a good fit. It is not overly complicated and is easy to use with any asthma action plan. 

The best part is that you can carry it in a purse, pocket or backpack. So if your breathing seems off, you can check it any time that you need.

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