Omron PeakAir Peak Flow Meter Review

A peak flow meter is an integral component of asthma management. Suitable for patients of all ages, the Omron PeakAir Flow Meter can monitor an asthmatic's lung flow and indicate the worsening condition of a person's lung airway.

Asthma can be difficult, but if you learn how to manage it, you can lead a healthy life full of activities. With the right meter, you can learn to avoid the asthma attacks that interfere with your daily routine.

A peak flow meter can be very helpful for asthma monitoring. The PeakAir Peak Flow Meter is used to measure your “Peak Expiratory Flow Rate,” or the rate that your lungs blow air. 

With the help of your doctor, you can use this sturdy peak flow meter to monitor changes in your asthma status. 


  • Accurately measures peak flow and monitors the condition of your lung’s airway so that you can keep track any changes in your air flow.
  • Measures a range of 50-750 liters per minute 
  • Dual flow range for adults or children; 
  • Has colorful, fun stickers for children
  • Compact design can it be used anywhere
  • Suitable for use with disposable mouthpiece

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Assists In Early Detection Of Asthma Attacks

When it comes to asthma, you can never be to safe. It is a good idea that you know your asthma treatment plan, what symptoms to look for, and what to do in case of an emergency. 

A peak flow meter is an integral component of asthma management plan. It measures Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (or PEFR) or more simply the air that leaves the lungs. It can also monitor the maximum expiratory flow, which shows the condition of a person's lung airway. 

Daily peak readings can help you keep a record of how well air is moving in and out of your lungs. Each person has personal best readings that indicate when the lungs are working normally.

With regular usage, Omron PF9940 PeakAir Peak Flow Meter can show abnormal readings. This will help you predict an attack before it occurs. 

Your healthcare professional can give you an asthma action plan that will list your symptoms, treatment plans and triggers. It can also tell you what to do when you see changes in your peak flow readings. 

If you take a reading every morning, you can tell if your preventative medication is working.

Compact Design Can Be Used Anywhere

Asthma creates a serious health condition for people in every age group, from children to seniors. A key way to manage your asthma is working to identify all of the things that trigger your attacks.

In addition to seeing your doctor and specialists, you should always be aware of warning signs that show your symptoms may be worsening. If you aren't sure what causes your asthma to act up, keep a journal. Write down what you were doing and where you were just prior to each attack. 

Once a day you can use a peak flow meter such as Omron PF9940 PeakAir to measure your lung air flow. You can also use it when you feel that you might be suffering through an attack. Keep a record of what you doing and where you were doing it.

Bring your asthma journal to your doctor's office during each appointment so that he or she can help you figure out your asthma triggers. Once identified , you can do everything to eliminate them from your environment. 

Clinical studies have shown that asthmatics who take their own peak flow measurements improve their physician's ability to provide the right treatment plan.

What Is Included?

  • Omron PF9940 PeakAir Peak Flow Meter
  • Instructions
  • Three year warranty – If it is defective, it will be replaced.


  • It is small so you can use it anywhere.
  • Easy to use - Your peak flow zone ranges and emergency medical information can be written on an attached label.  Since Instructions are printed directly on the meter, you will never loose time with figuring it out.
  • Reusable mouthpiece and Peak-Air Peak Flow Meter is easy to clean.
  • Disposable mouthpieces are available so that more than one person can use it.


  • It is not dishwasher safe and a strong cleaning solution is not suggested so you can’t sterilize it. You can only hand wash it with soap and water.
  • Some customers claimed that the plastic measuring tab fell off after a couple of weeks.
  • Customers also claimed it may be inaccurate after a couple of uses.  

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Is It Worth Buying?

Learning to live with asthma can be a challenge. There are quite a number of things that must be monitored to stay healthy. By doing your best to stay calm and cool, and practicing positive thinking, you will find that your asthma attacks are less scary. 

You can properly deal with asthma attacks by coming up with an asthma action plan on how to handle them once one starts. This is important because as long as you are prepared, then you are in a better situation to deal with it.

The pros of this meter are that it is small, easy to use, and very portable. The cons are not easily cleaned, the measuring tab is flawed and the device may be inaccurate.

Learning to deal with a breathing problem can be stressful. instead of panicking, you can will make great strides in your daily coping with asthma. But you need the right device that you can rely. 

Based upon customer complaints, I cannot recommend the Omron PF9940 PeakAir Peak Flow to monitor your asthma symptoms. You should have a peak flow meter that is reliable, accurate and will last you for the long haul.

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