Peak Flow Meter Reviews:
Measure And Compare The Difference

Peak Flow Meter Reviews - Asthma products are a great help for anyone with this respiratory problem. Since it can be very hard to live with a breathing condition such as asthma, this device can be a lifesaver.

For anyone who deals with this chronic problem, peak flow meters are a simple yet effective way to manage breathing problems.

These simple devices are hand-held and extremely easy to use. They measure the air flow in your lungs and tell you if your asthma symptoms are under control.

A peak flow meter can be extremely helpful if you suffer with moderate to severe persistent asthma. With diligent use, you can recognize an oncoming attack and prevent it before it happens. 

What Can It Do For You

When it comes to asthma management, measuring your lung capacity at home can be a powerful tool. 

Asthma is different for each person so you will have to research to find your own solution. If you use asthma peak flow meter on a regular basis, it can help you to stay ahead of your breathing problems.

Peak flow meter readings can help your doctor make decisions about your treatment and adjust your medication to take better care of you.

Every morning you can measure your lung capacity and watch for problems.  You can keep track of your breathing problems and treatment plan so that you know whether your asthma action plan is working for you.

If your wheezing or breathing problems get worse, you can use your peak flow meter to follow your asthma action plan. And if nothing works … you know it is time to adjust your medication or treatment plan.

Finding The Best Peak Flow Meter For Your Breathing Problems

If you have asthma, managing it is an important part of your life.  Controlling your asthma symptoms means staying away from things that bother your airways and taking medicines as directed by your doctor.  

If you have asthma, it is important to learn how to take care of yourself and learn what medication or remedies can help you and reduce your asthma symptoms.

Although you may have your own list when looking at peak flow meters, the top ones will help you to monitor asthma symptoms. Finding the right tool should help you with your symptoms and not compromise your long-term health.

These are the features to look for when you compare peak flow meters:

  • Range of peak flow measurement - Peak flow meters come in different ranges and they measure the air that you can push out of your lungs. While a low-range peak flow meter is best for small children, peak flow meter with a standard-range is meant for older children and adults.
  • Accuracy - Anyone using peak flow meters should check to make sure that the manufacturer complies with accuracy requirements. Your asthma treatment will be based on your peak flow readings so you need a device that consistently produces accurate readings.
  • Ease of use - If you use a peak flow meter on a regular basis, it should be easy to carry and easy to clean. Because your peak flow meter needs regular cleaning with soap and water, it really should be made a material that is compatible with water. Or it should easy to disinfect.

Peak Flow Meter Reviews

The following are the top peak flow meters that you can use to fight asthma. There are several things that you should know before investing in any one of them. For your convenience, I have listed the features and specifications of each product.

  Read the reviews so that you can learn about each product. 

To find the right one, simply look at the pros and cons and simply choose the best one that meets your needs. Although they seem similar, there are difference that can impact your health care. 

Microlife Peak Flow Meter 

Asthma is an uncurable disease, but that doesn't mean that the symptoms are permanent and can't be managed. 

You can tackle asthma … if you have the right tools. Asthma is not a terminal illness and it doesn’t have to cause you to suffer.  With a good management plan and respectable peak flow meter, you can control it and enjoy your life!

When it comes to peak flow meters with intelligence, the Microlife Peak Flow Meter is top of the line. After all, it is a peak flow meter that works like a small personal computer. 

And if that isn't enough to prompt a wow, the Microlife Peak Flow Meter is smaller and sleeker than most meters. Just connect to your PC and automatically download, graph or chart your readings.


  • Measures peak flow and indicate early warning signs for impending asthmatic episodes
  • Automatically stores 240 readings for quick data recording and analysis.
  • Automatic traffic light indicator warns of potential asthma attacks.
  • User friendly software helps to track readings and symptoms
  • Easily chart progress and print graphs  to easily e-mail or send to your doctor.
  • Eliminates the daily nuisance of handwritten records and diaries.

More Info On Microlife Peak Flow …

A Smart Tool To Combat Asthma

Microlife Digital Peak Flow Meter is a smart tool to help you combat asthma symptoms.  It includes a digital diary and measures "Peak Expiratory Flow" (PEF) and Forced Expiratory Volume in 1-second (FEV1) as a signal for emerging asthma episodes. 

If you are someone who struggle with asthma and needs constant monitoring, you can use Microlife Peak Flow Meter. According to medical practice guidelines and recommendations, anyone with asthma needs to manage their condition at home or on-the-go. 

Small and affordable, it is perfect for asthma management. 

It has optional software, USB cable and small printer from the manufacturer. Once this electronic peak flow meter attaches to your computer, you can download all your readings instantly. So you don’t have to worry about writing anything down.

A Powerful Tool For Data Recording 

Microlife Peak Flow Meter is the doctor’s choice for managing diseases that restrict lung performance. If you struggle with asthma like I do, you know that anyone with asthma needs to manage their condition. 

Monitoring peak plows between visits to the doctor can be vital to your asthma care. It serves as an important diagnostic tool to help determine whether your treatment regimen is working or needs changing. 

If you continue to experience wheezing or coughing, you should monitor it closely with an electronic peak flow meter. You can keep a record of your asthma attacks so that the doctor can have an idea as to how frequent your attacks occur.  

Microlife Peak Flow Meter includes a digital diary and computer attachment to download data to keep for your asthma journal. 

The built in digital memory function provides easy access to the last 240 readings along with the date and time. The results are automatically stored after each reading. By knowing the frequency of attacks, your doctor can adjust the medication and stay on top of your treatment plan.


  • Gives data so that you can study your breathing and compare bad breathing moments with triggers so that you can avoid them.
  • Can print out data and bring it to your doctor’s visit so that you quickly show what is going on with your lungs
  • Can monitor your breathing from home so you don't have to pay for everything at the doctor’s office


  • The software may be outdated.
  • Although product says an software CD with USB Cable are included, they do not come shipped with it.
  • Although the product does work, customer support is slow to answer questions.

See Customer Reviews…

Is It Worth Buying?

The Microlife Peak Flow Meter is the ideal tool to use as a quick check of lung function. If you suffer with asthma you are looking for a cool new tool to stay on top of your symptoms, this is definitely state of art technology. 

A large part of asthma management should include avoiding your triggers. Although they may vary greatly between individuals, you should know what causes your breathing problems. 

This device can tell how well your lungs are breathing by monitoring your lung function. It measures air flow and volume and therefore can serve as an early warning system for impending asthma attacks. Overall, this peak is worth the price. If you don’t mind learning the technology, it can be a nice tool to make your life easier.

Find The Best Prices On Microlife Peak Flow Meter…

Piko-6 Digital Lung Function Meter

For More Info On Piko-6 Digital Meter

Asthma is a lung disorder that causes breathing problems and create trouble. But it is possible to live a healthy and enjoyable life. And the right peak flow meter can help. 

If you are looking for a quality peak flow meter, you should consider an electronic peak flow meter. More specifically, try Piko-6 Digital Lung Function Meter.  Just like a smart phone, this little piece of technology can make your life easier. 

Features Of Piko-6 Digital Lung Function Meter:

  • Measures FEV-1, FEV-6 and FEV-1/FEV-6  which is ideal for monitoring asthma.
  • Electronic storage of the last 96 readings so that you don’t have to write it down.
  • Easy to use - just one operating button.
  • Clear LCD display
  • Option to personalize color zones so that you can use it with any asthma action plan
  • Able to evaluate the blow quality and notify you if you need to repeat the test because of a cough or any uneffecive blow

More Info On Piko-6 Digital Meter …

Ideal For Electronic Monitoring

Monitoring your breathing with peak flow readings is a good strategy to warn you of pending asthma attacks.  You can use your Piko-6 Digital Lung Function Meter to detect the signs of worsening asthma symptoms. 

The PiKo-6 Electronic Peak Flow Meter measures both the Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV1) and the Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV6). They correspond to the amount of air that you blow out of your lungs during the few seconds of breathing.

One of the first things that you can do to fight this troublesome issue in life is to record your symptoms regularly with your peak flow readings.

You can work with your doctor to create an asthma action plan so that you know what to do if your symptoms get worse. Based on your peak flow readings, you can tell if you need to use your nebulizer, call your doctor or go to the emergency room.

If you are always in a hurry and have no time to record, The PiKo-6 has you covered. The PiKo-6 has the ability to store 96 patient test readings until you need them. It can also show data in a graphical and tabular format with convenient date and time stamps, eliminating the need for record cards.

Easy To Use

Just by looking at it, you can tell that Piko-6 Meter is small and easy to use. It is pocket size so it can fit into any pocket, purse or backpack.  With just one operating button, you can turn it on and off. It also has automatic test quality alerts.

Compared to other peak flow meters, the Piko Meter is far ahead of its time. This peak flow meter helps ensure a safe and healthy lifestyle for you and your family. 

Since it electronic you can easily program it so that the peak flow readings are customized to your asthma action plan. It can alarm when it goes outside of your normal range.

If you suffer with moderate to severe asthma attacks, you can use it to manage your asthma plan … and prevent your wheeze. 

If your asthma seems to be getting worse, see your doctor. You may need to change your medication or do other things to get your asthma under control.

Although there is no cable to directly connect to a PC or smart phone, there are PiKo Meters with Windows® based PiKoNET Software to track results.  

What Is Included?

  • Piko-6 Digital Lung Function FEV-1 & FEV-6 Meter
  • Batteries (2x 357 silver oxide button cells or equivalent). 
  • Manufacturer's 6 month warranty 
  • Pocket size, measuring only 2.95 x 1.38 x 0.8 in


  • Easy to use with just one operating button
  • Automatic test quality alerts
  • Electronic storage of 96 tests
  • Clear LCD display 
  • Optional PiKoNET software for tracking and trending


  • Must record with pen and paper to track
  • No charts or graphs included
  • Need to buy PiKoTrend Professional Software separately to electronically track measurements 

See Customer Reviews…

Is It Worth Buying?

The PiKo-6 FEV Meter uses a compact, easy-to-use system to provide you with a continuous assessment of your lung function. The simple one-button operation and clear LCD display makes it great for home or office.

The pros include stress-free operation, electronic display, and easy storage of peak flow readings. The cons are that there is no way to compare data so you will have to write it down after a certain time. If you are willing, you can purchase the software to electronically track your symptoms.

Although the Piko-6 is not considered cutting technology, it can be helpful for asthma management. You can program it to go along with your asthma action plan so you know when you need a breathing treatment. 

Asthma management does not have to take a lot of your time. If you don’t feel like recording every reading, this little device can give you enough data to take to your doctor.

Find The Best Prices On Piko-6 Digital Lung Function Meter …

Respironics Personal Best Peak Flow Meter

More Info On Respironics Peak Flow Meter

Asthma is an uncurable disease, but that doesn't mean that the symptoms are permanent and can't go away. However, just like most things in life, overcoming your asthma symptoms takes time and effort. 

The Respironics HS755 Personal Best Peak Flow Meter is elegant in its simple design. But does it has everything else you would want from a peak flow meter?. 

If you use this peak flow regularly, you'll find that you can monitor your breathing. Over time your symptoms will get better with the right treatment plan and you'll be able to enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle. 

Features of Respironics Personal Best Meter: 

  • Provides accurate peak expiratory flow (PEF) measurements to include in your daily asthma management routine
  • Measures Full Range (60-810 L/min) so that you can know when an asthma attack is about to happen
  • 3-zone management system that can be adjusted to work with any asthma action plan
  • Lightweight, durable, easy to use and clean
  • Large, easy-to-read scale
  • Oval mouthpiece and foldout handle that easily converts when you need it.

More Info On Respironics Peak Flow Meter …

Simple Asthma Management System

Peak flow readings are an essential tool in gauging how well your airways are working. The higher the PEF, the more open your airways. The lower the PEF, the more narrow your airways. 

If your doctor has developed an asthma action plan for you, this can make a difference in your breathing.

The Personal Best Peak Flow Meter has three color-coded indicators (located to the right of the scale) that can be adjusted to match the green, yellow, and red zones on your asthma action plan. 

When used with an asthma action plan, the peak flow meter provides a simple way for you to understand their peak flow and correctly use your medication.

Measurements that are lower than your normal baseline indicate that the lungs are irritated. This is often the first sign that asthma attack is about to happen. With this information, you can start preventative treatments to stop wheezing or shortness of breath.

Portable And Easy To Use

The best way in treating your asthmatic symptoms is to identify the specific things that trigger it. Things like pet dandruff and dust can cause you asthma to begin to flare and trigger more affects as well. 

Having a peak flow meter is an effective solution for preventing asthma symptoms.

If you use the Personal Best peak flow meter on a daily basis, you can identify triggers, detect subtle changes. If you use it on the go, it can alert you to asthma flare-ups before they occur. When you know what causes your attacks, you can try to avoid them when you can.

Personal Best Peak Flow Meter has a large, easy-to read scale, oval mouthpiece, cover that converts to a handle, and built-in color-coded zone system that all work together to help you manage your asthma. 

The lightweight and durable design makes it easy to test your peak flow at any time. 

And it is easy to clean. The Personal Best Peak Flow meter can be easily sterilized on the top rack of a dishwasher. 

What Is Included?

  • Personal Best Peak Flow Meter ‐ Full Range (60-810 L/min), complete with cover
  • Foldout handle
  • Written instructions
  • Companion card
  • Daily record chart
  • Backed by a one-year unconditional warranty. Any unit performing unsatisfactorily for any reason during this period will be replaced free of charge by Respironics.


  • Measures your peak flow and lungs for better asthma management.
  • Handle converts into a carrying case for easy portability.
  • The three-zone asthma management system helps you stay with the asthma treatment plan made by your doctor.
  • It has Full (60-810 L/min) and Low (50-390 L/min) ranges so it is appropriate for children and adults.


  • It is only for single-patient use. 
  • It has to be replaced every 2 years.

See Full Customer Reviews…

Is It Worth Buying?

Asthma is an illness that is chronic in nature, so it is imperative to take the management medicine as directed and only using the rescue inhaler when necessary.

Personal Best® Full Range Peak Flow Meter is an important tool to tell you how your lungs are working. It measures the rate at which you expel air from your lungs or the peak expiratory flow (PEF.)  

It is essential that you learn the proper ways to use all of your asthma medications, especially those used in rescue situations. 

The integrated three-zone asthma management system of can help you to stick with your asthma management. When you have this chronic illness, you should be on a maintenance medication and have an emergency medicine. Usually this is in the form of an inhaler. A peak flow meter can help you to know the difference.

The Personal Best Peak Flow Meter appears to be a reliable device that you can trust with your breathing.

Find The Best Prices On Amazon…

Quest AsthmaMD Meter

More Info On Quest AsthmaMD Meter

The AsthmaMD Peak Flow Meter is a portable, hand-held device used to measure how air flows from your lungs in one fast blast. 

If you have asthma, managing it is an important part of your life.

Controlling your asthma symptoms means staying away from things that bother your airways and taking treatment as directed by your doctor.

Like a thermometer to measure temperature, a peak flow meter measures your lung performance. You can learn to use it to monitor your asthma and head off attacks before they occur. 

Besides the peak flow meter, the physician-developed AsthmaMD application uses simplicity and data for better asthma monitoring. 


  • Peak flow meter is included for accurate reading and easy data logging
  • Physician-developed Application for Asthma Management will monitor your peak flow results and can link them to symptoms and triggers.
  • Alarms customized to your personal settings so you can have your own electronic asthma action plan
  • Data displayed in full color chart so it is easy to see any changes
  • Can securely send data to your doctor for immediate care

More info on Quest AsthmaMD Peak Flow Meter .. 

Easy MD Application For Asthma Management

Asthmatics with moderate to severe symptoms are the ones who can greatly benefit from a quality peak flow meter. They can effectively measure the condition of their lungs by measuring the air flow. 

If you have asthma, you can use a peak flow meter to manage and treat your condition. You can monitor your symptoms and avoid anything that triggers your symptoms. 

Any time you use the peak flow meter, you can compare the reading with your baseline or “personal best.” Since it is recorded in the application, you can follow your personal asthma action plan. 

By working with Quest AsthmaMD Lung Performance Peak Flow Meter, you can develop your own effective treatment plan.

The application prompts you to share certain data with the application, such as the medications you are taking, the time you had an asthma attack and how severe it was. 

With this information, you can tell if your treatment plan is working. Waking up with an asthma attack at night more than 3 times a week, or using your inhaler 3 or more times a week is a sign that your asthma medication needs to be evaluated. 

Track Progress With Full Color Charts And Graphs

Asthma is a chronic disease that requires ongoing management and care. With this device, you can make sure you are taking the right medications to control your everyday breathing problems.

With its smart technology, the AsthmaMD application helps the old and the very young to manage their asthma symptoms. This application replaces paper journals and creates a comprehensive digital overview of your asthma activity.

With this information, your doctor can accurately adjust asthma medications according to your needs. You can work with your doctor to determine your lung power, the severity of your symptoms and treatment options that may be available to you.  

Your peak flow readings can tell you if your need adjustment to your asthma medication.

If you're suffering from a cold or allergies, you should talk to your doctor about taking additional medication. Many illnesses have side effects which can cause your asthma to get much worse, leading your doctor to increase treatment. 

You can also use the application to find your asthma triggers. If you share your information with the service, AsthmaMD can correlate the data with environmental factors so your symptoms can be linked to certain triggers. 

What Is Included?

  • AsthmaMD Peak Flow Meter
  • Physician- developed application with a simplified asthma action plan and customized alarms for personalized medication reminders.
  • Video education modules that are simple and easy to understand. 


  • The peak flow meter is used for full range and folds down for convenient use. 
  • It measures peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR), an important indicator of your lung function.
  • Videos teach users how to properly use a peak flow meter and more about asthma management. 


  • The opening of the peak meter is square and prevent some people from forming a seal around it.
  • The battery cap isn't very sturdy and comes open during use

See full Customer Reviews.. 

Is It Worth Buying?

The AsthmaMD Peak Flow meter is a good deal for anyone needing an affordable asthma application. It is one of the best meters you will find. It uses color and technology to make your life easier. The application replaces paper journals and creates a comprehensive digital overview of your asthma activity. 

This product is definitely one to consider if you’re looking for an application that displays clean, crisp charts for better asthma management. The device is currently priced at a level that is both affordable and covered by most insurance plans.

At first glance, it seems like a fun elegant device for anyone wanting to record peak flow readings, but it actually is so much more.

AsthmaMD is a well-balanced application that uses graphs and data for better asthma monitoring. How do you like those numbers? 

Find The Best Prices On Quest AsthmaMD Meter ... 

Asmaplan Plus Peak Flow Meter

More Info On asmaPLAN Peak Flow Meter

Are you tired of hassling with a large or complicated peak flow meter just to be able to manage your breathing? 

With the AsmaPlan Peak Flow Meter, the days of wasting time trying to read tiny lines are long gone. Now you can take your meter and breathe into it so that you can have a quick and easy reading.

AsmaPlan Plus Peak Flow Meter allows you to safely monitor your lungs at home. With it you can get adjustable sliders and precise measurements that work together to give you accurate readings at any time that you want.

More Info On Peak Flow Meters

The Ultimate Guide To Peak Flow Meters

A peak flow meter is one of your most valuable resources when trying to relieve breathing problems. Whether it is medical treatment or a natural remedy, a peak flow meter can be your best friend when deciding to continue a treatment plan. Find out how peak flow meters help asthmatics.

Peak Flow Chart: How To Manage Your Peak Flow

Peak flow charts can be invaluable to anyone who suffers with asthma. Every one’s lung are different so you will need to find a range that is "normal for you… This is a simple step by step instruction on how to use a peak flow chart so you can manage your asthma symptoms.

Peak Flow Meter Reviews

Asthma products are a great help for anyone with this respiratory problem. Since a breathing problem can be very hard to live with, this device can be a lifesaver.  For anyone who deals with this chronic problem, peak flow meters are a simple yet effective way to manage breathing problems. This is a list of the top peak flow meters …

Peak Flow Zones: 9 Tips To Prevent An Attack

Your peak flow zone is one the best way to manage asthma symptoms. It is part of your peak flow chart and tells you when you are healthy. The key lies in recognizing the causes and managing the condition such that you are in control of the situation. These are simple tips for asthma you can do everyday.

Where To Buy A Peak Flow Meter?

Are you looking to buy a peak flow meter online? Asthma is different for each individual so you can find your own solution.  But where do you look ... this is where to start looking for a reliable peak flow meter ...

More SAFE Guides

Asthma is not a condition that can be cured … but it can be managed at home. On a daily basis asthma products can help you to control breathing problems. This is a list of guides to help …

Many people with asthma find fewer complications when they find a management plan that really works. Read The SAFE Asthma Treatment Guide and discover the four steps to controlling asthma.  

With a little help from your doctor and the right plan of action, you can control your wheezing so that you can breathe easier.

And remember … any asthma treatment prescribed by a physician should always be taken as ordered, even if there are no symptoms. Your doctor is the gatekeeper to keeping you healthy.

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