The Risks Of Pregnancy Asthma

Pregnancy asthma can be dangerous. There is a great threat to a mother and child if asthma is not identified and placed under control. Besides breathing problems, complications can happen that will threaten the health of mother and baby.

While it is possible to get asthma under control during pregnancy, it is far better to do so even before becoming pregnant.

If you are expecting, it is important for you to be carefully monitored so that neither you nor your baby is deprived of essential oxygen.

Just like regular asthma, this breathing issue during pregnancy is a challenging one. It can be triggered by many substances such as smoke, pollen, perfumes, mold, and cleaning chemicals. If you know your triggers and monitor symptoms, you can avoid many problems before they begin.

The Dangerous Symptoms To Watch For

Every expecting mother is different and the symptoms will vary with each pregnancy. About one third of expecting mothers will have improvement in their condition, one-third will get worse symptoms, and the following third will have no change.

The major symptoms to watch for are wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. But the dangerous ones include gasping for air, changes in skin color, and tightness in the chest. On a daily basis, you will have to evaluate your breathing and if you are getting enough air.

Severe Asthma Attacks Can Endanger Your Child

For the next nine months, you will have to monitor your symptoms very closely. Some women may actually notice an improvement in their symptoms and only suffer from a few outbreaks while they are pregnant. Others may find a worsening of their asthma and this can be a cause for concern.

The symptoms for severe asthma include panting, bluish color of lips and fingers, and shortness of breath that does not respond a rescue inhalers.

In this case, there is an immediate need for constant monitoring by a physician. It is better for a pregnancy mother to take her asthma medication than to have symptoms and risk her baby.

Asthma Medication Is Very Important During Pregnancy

Mothers with pregnancy asthma who have severe symptoms are at a higher risk of complications. When asthma gets out of control, there is a decrease in oxygen to the growing fetus. When the oxygen is depleted, the baby cannot develop normally and additional problems happen.

For that reason it is always best to visit your doctor if you have any breathing problems. Your doctor will prescribe medication so that you can breathe easily.

Complications Can Threaten Mother And Baby

While some mothers worry about taking additional medications during the prenatal period, it is the adverse effects from a lack of that of oxygen that is the greatest threat to the baby.

These complications can include:

  • Cesarean delivery - Mothers with pregnancy asthma might have this type of delivery if symptoms worsen and there is not enough oxygen for both mother and baby.
  • Prematurity – These types of mothers also may have premature babies that are small, underweight or require some hospitalization in intensive care nursery after birth.
  • Pre-eclampsia - Women with severe asthma may develop high blood pressure, or pre-eclampsia, which is a huge danger to the mother and can be life threatening.
  • Fetal growth restriction -. High blood pressure, or preeclampsia, from pregnancy asthma can result in poor fetal growth restriction. And this can lead to other problems such as mental retardation and cerebral palsy.

Pregnancy asthma is a dangerous issue that can be controlled if it is carefully managed. For the sake of you and your unborn baby, you should visit your doctor if you have any breathing problems. With the right treatment plan, you can have a normal and healthy pregnancy.

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