Pregnancy Asthma
Products For A Smooth Nine Months

During your prenatal period, pregnancy asthma does not need to cause anxiety.  Most women have symptom-free nine months.

Whether it is medical or all natural, you should remember that this disease can be managed with the right treatment plan. And this increases your chance of having a normal and healthy pregnancy.

By using some of the following products, you can develop an asthma action plan to control the symptoms. 

Allergy Control Products

Austin Air Bedroom Machine

This highly efficient air cleaner was created specifically for allergy and asthma sufferers.  Using High Efficiency Gas Absorption (HEGA) and medical HEPA filtration, this unit removes particulates and gaseous contaminants from the air quickly, before they can trigger an allergy attack.

Allersearch ADS Allergy Control Spray

Allersearch ADS allergy spray de-activates dust mite, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens. ADS spray is medically proven as highly effective for breaking down these allergens into harmless materials.  ADS spray can be used on upholstered furniture, draperies and rugs..

Allersearch Allergen Wash

Allersearch Allergen Wash is a super concentrated laundry detergent that washes out the dirt while removing allergens in all temperatures (cold, warm, hot). Now you can wash your most delicate fabrics. Unlike some other allergen control products, Allergen Wash is free of perfumes, dyes, and other irritants.

Zeolite - All Natural Volcanic Odor Control

Super Odor Eliminator. Zeolite Super Odor eliminator pebbles trap odors from smoke, pets, ammonia, gasses, formaldehyde, urine and more. Zeolite is non-toxic and all natural volcanic rock, so its safe for children and pets. Put anywhere around the house.

Allergy Bedding

Mulberry West Silk Bedding

Mulberry West Silk comforters and blankets are hypoallergenic and a perfect alternative for  those who are allergic to down or wool. Silk fibers naturally repel dust mites and bed bugs. Silk is strong yet soft and supple, conforms to every shape of your body. Warm in the cool weather and cool during the hot weather. Because of silks unique ability to regulate body heat it is the perfect choice for women with hormonal changes.

Allergy and Dust Mite Proof Pillows

Designed for people suffering from allergies,asthma, eczema and other dust related allergies. These comfortable allergy pillows are covered with Pristine allergy fabric, a soft, woven, dust mite-proof fabric . They  are filled with polyester fabric that is non-allergenic, odorless, resilient and lightweight.  


DeVilbiss Traveler Compressor Nebulizer

The Traveler is one of the smallest compressor nebulizers on the market. It weighs less than a pound and is smaller than a standard size postcard. The Traveler is the perfect travel companion that makes it easier and more convenient than ever to nebulize when they're away from home.

PARI Vios Nebulizer - PARI Vios LC+ Adult Standard

A nebulizer turns asthma medication into a fine mist so that it can go directly to the lungs. The small, compact size of the PARI Nebulizer makes it portable and convenient. Coupled with quick treatment times, it provides nebulizer patients with portability, speed, and relief in as little as eight minutes. With proven technology, it promotes an optimal treatment plan and active lifestyle.

PARI LC Plus Neb Kit - PARI LC Plus Neb Kit

The PARI LC Plus Nebulizer Kit comes with valves, tubing, adapter, and instructions. These neb cups are compatible with any compressor. This nebulizer is perfect for children and adults. Recommended use is six months, but these can be replaced much sooner depending on your circumstances. Rinse thoroughly after each use.

Peak Flow Meters

Standard Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter

A peak flow meter measures the air in and out of your lungs. You will need this to monitor your asthma symptoms. The Mini-Wright Standard and AFS Low Range are both calibrated by hand to ensure that readings from any two meters are comparable. This enables you to use different Mini-Wrights and still have reliable readings at home, hospital, or doctor office.

Microlife Peak Flow Meter Complete Kit for Spirometry with FEV1 + Analyzer Software CD with USB Cable + 2 Free Extra Mouthpieces

The Microlife is a great tool for managing asthma at home. Unlike traditional mechanical meters, this digital meter can measure lung volume which is a more reliable indicator of an impending asthma attack. You can connect your Peak Flow meter to your PC and automatically download, graph or chart your readings.

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