Reflexology For Asthma:
Pressure Points To Treat Symptoms

Reflexology redirects the energy of your body so it can focus on healing and health promotion.  It is performed by putting pressure on certain points along the body. 

Applying pressure to these areas can end stress and relieve asthma symptoms.

Ultimately this balances the flow of the qi, or life force, within the body. This centers the energy flow within the body and removes any illness such as asthma that is caused by any imbalances.

Reflexology For Asthma As An Alternative Treatment

Reflexology is a form of Chinese medicine that uses touch to increase energy and bring about a state of well-being. It is grounded in the belief that parts of the body are connected to “reflexes “ in the feet and hands. A practitioner releases these energy channels through Touch. The goal for asthmatics is to improve circulation and overall health.

Reflexology ultimately helps asthma sufferers to remain calm in a high-stress situation and breathe easier. Since many attacks are associated with stressful situations, it can lighten the anxiety that is linked with stressful situations. 

The Benefits Of Reflexology For Asthma

When there is difficulty breathing, the natural response is panic. Once panic is introduced, it can be harder to reach the end of an attack. Because reflexology helps to relax the body, it could be beneficial to an asthma patient. Once stress and anxiety is removed from the parts of the body that is ill, it can function properly.

Another benefit of reflexology includes increased circulation. After treatment, patients generally feel relaxed and free from anxiety. During reflexology, the zones on the hands and feet are manipulated to balance the center of energy. The pressure that is applied sends a direct signal to the nervous, circulation, and respiratory systems. 

Is Reflexology Right For You?

In order to regain control over your life, it is important to inspect all of your viable treatment options. Reflexology for asthma is far less invasive than prescribed drugs or surgery.

Basically, therapeutic pressure is applied to zones in the feet to create a healthy environment in the body and to relieve or prevent asthma symptoms.

How To Introduce Reflexology Into Your Asthma Treatment

Implementing reflexology should be done most effectively under the guidance of the doctor in charge of your normal asthma care. A reflexologist can help you to breathe more easily and freely. By preventing tension in the diaphragm, the lungs are able to expand and let oxygen in. 

Reflexology is not meant to replace a medical treatment by a reputable doctor. Scientific research has not completely proven the effectiveness of reflexology to treat or prevent asthma attacks. To be safe, if you choose to receive reflexology treatments, use a tool such as a peak flow to monitor the status of your lungs.

While it can be used as a preventative tool against asthma attacks, reflexology should also not be used in an emergency situation.

In general, reflexology cannot take the place of conventional medicine, but it can supplement an asthma management plan. Since it reduces anxiety and enhances circulation, reflexology promotes overall health for the troubled asthmatic.

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