Severe Asthma: How To Seek Help When Your Breathing Get Worse

A severe asthma attack is a very serious condition that everyone should be aware of.

Asthma is a disease that affects the lung airways that take in air. It is a respiratory disorder that is an overreaction of the immune system in response to certain allergens or triggers. If it is severe, asthma can mean the difference between life and death.

But if you learn some basic techniques you can keep your asthma under control so that it doesn’t restrict with your life. You need to know when it is bad enough to require medical help.

Asthma Symptoms Of A Severe Attack  

When asthma symptoms worsen and it is nearly impossible to breath, many people seek emergency care. During this time, the lung airways are slowly closing.

Severe asthma can show as signs of "air trapping" within the lungs. Normally the lung airways send air to the rest of the body. When “air trapping” happens, air cannot get out of the lungs. This will shut down vital organs which require oxygen and cause damage to the rest of the body.

If your lungs do not respond to the normal dosage of asthma medication, this may indicate the start of a really bad asthma attack. The symptoms of a severe asthma attack may include:

  • Gasping for air
  • Persistent shortness of breath or increased rate of breathing
  • Inability to speak
  • Chest that feels tight
  • Bluish color to your lips or fingers

The Worst Times For Asthmatics

When someone has asthma, the lung airways can become swollen from allergens such as pollen, dirt, animal dandruff, or any form of dust particle. Asthma can be a very harsh disease and worsen with the change of seasons such as fall or spring.

Because asthma is triggered by many factors, there are certain things that you can do to lessen the chance of a severe attack. Your doctor can make an asthma action plan that is individualized to your condition. 

Young Children Are The Worst Victims

Young children are sometimes the worst offenders affected by this respiratory disease. Asthma causes the lung airways to close and become too tight for air to pass through. 

Children with asthma should always be monitored for severe asthma attacks. Sometimes they cannot tell you when they are having breathing problems. As a parent, you should discuss this with your child's doctor. He or she will be able to give you an asthma management plan so that you know the warning signs to look for. 

Seeking Medical Treatment During A Severe Attack

Medical treatment is needed when someone is having a breathing episode and needs medication. During an asthma attack, the lung airways constrict and make it harder to breath.

Almost 90-95% of these medical cases can be treated with drugs. anyone suffering through a severe asthma attack needs emergency care immediately.

A Plan For An Asthma Emergency Is Priceless

If you have an asthma management plan, then you will know when you are having an asthma emergency. It might be possible to avoid asthma emergencies by contacting your doctor first. A trip to the doctor is far less traumatic than visiting the ER.

Should an emergency occur, then contact the ambulance services right away.

At the very least, you should contact your care giver. Adopting the safety asthma management plan will help to prevent the symptoms from occurring in the first place.

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Even though asthma is difficult to live with, it can be successfully controlled with the right kind of therapy. If you want to learn about different medical treatments and natural remedies, take a peek at:

Even though asthma is a difficult condition to live with, it can be successfully controlled with the right kind of therapy. There are ways to control the illness and keep symptoms at bay. If you want to learn about different types of medical treatments and natural remedies, take a peek at:

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