Shiatsu For Asthma:
An Ancient Japanese Remedy

Shiatsu for asthma has the power to relax and soothe your symptoms away. It helps to build your body to a healthier state of being. By applying Shiatsu techniques, your asthma symptoms may diminished and even disappear.

For asthma sufferers, stress can cause the body to react defensively.

Normally when anxiety is involved, the breathing rate increases. It can cause bronchial spasms in the lungs and rapid increase in the amount of mucus production. During an asthma attack, the airways in the lungs are blocked and interfere with breathing.

Shiatsu for asthma is a type of holistic therapy that can offer both physical and stress management for asthmatics.

Shiatsu Relieves Stress and Improves Breathing

Although it is best known for helping musculoskeletal and psychological problems, Shiatsu has other wonderful effects on the body. After several treatments, a patient is relaxed and brought to a new level of well-being. This can relieve the stress that is causing the blockage in lungs and open up the airways.

Shiatsu For Asthma As An Alternative Treatment

Shiatsu, which originated in Japan, is a form of touch therapy that uses finger, palm, or foot pressure to stimulate the body’s vital force. This removes tension from muscles, eases pain, and encourages circulation. All of these work together to increase self-healing and decrease asthma attacks.

Shiatsu is an ancient art that can be used as an alternative healing therapy to alleviate your asthma symptoms. In shiatsu, special techniques are used to maneuver the flow of Qi or energy in the body to prevent and treat illnesses such as asthma. Shiatsu centers the Qi or energy of the body by directing its flow within the body.

The Benefits Of Shiatsu For Asthma

This natural remedy helps sufferers to remain gain control of a high-stress situation. When there is difficulty breathing, the natural response is panic. Once panic is introduced, it can be harder to reach the end of an attack.

Shiatsu is considered preventative care because it can help an individual before problems start. By relaxing the mind and body, it can treat and prevent emotional problems and physical ailments. In asthma patients, the focus of shiatsu is to reduce stress, increase circulation, enhance the nervous and respiratory system, and improve breathing.

Is Shiatsu for Asthma Right For You?

Getting back on the road to a normal, healthy life requires you to be diligent in your aggressive approach to fighting back. Learning about shiatsu will arm you with the tools to address your asthma offensively rather than defensively.

In order to regain control over your life, it is important to inspect all of your viable treatment options. A shiatsu practitioner uses therapeutic techniques to touch the patient’s body, change the energy flow, and improve the state of being. Regular shiatsu sessions can help asthmatics by preventing attacks by relaxing and decreasing stress.

How To Introduce Shiatsu For Asthma Into Your Treatment Plan

Implementing this aspect of treatment should be done with the guidance of the doctor in charge of your normal asthma care. A Shiatsu practitioner performs therapeutic techniques that are designed for each individual. Regular Shiatsu treatments can relax the nervous system and promote proper breathing.

Shiatsu treatments are meant to be preventative or serve as an adjunct to medical care. So you should have a medication regime to treat symptoms and the techniques should not be used during an emergency situation.

The secret to good health is a balance between mental, physical and emotional well-being. For the asthmatic, Shiatsu is an excellent tool to maintain general health. As a form of asthma management treatment, shiatsu directs the proper flow of energy or Ki throughout the body and center the mind. 

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