Surgery And Asthma - Ways That Asthma Can Affect Your Recovery

Is surgery asthma dangerous?

Many people may be wondering about asthma and surgery, in particular how asthma will affect a procedure that they are undergoing.

Even for those who are healthy, an operation can be dangerous as their reactions to the anesthesia could be unpredictable.

Asthma does not have to impede your procedure if you take the right precautions.

Although there are risks, asthma can be controlled so that you are safe under anesthesia.

Possible Symptoms Of Asthma And Surgery 

Surgery is a challenge for the asthmatic. It is a time when new medications are introduced to the body and this can be problematic. Drugs for local and general anesthesia are potent and are meant to fully sedate the human body. But this may aggravate or worsen asthma symptoms.

Breathing might be an issue if a surgical procedure leads to bronchial spasms, constriction, or other bad reaction. Fortunately, the surgeon and anesthesiologist are prepared to deal with this type of situation. 

The Whole Procedure Can Be Very Stressful

Surgery can be very challenging for the human body. During this time it is very important to have asthma symptoms under control. To decrease the risk of a bad reaction, asthma management before surgery is essential. Beside the physical reason for surgery, there are trauma and stress that can lead to anxiety attacks that can trigger asthma symptoms.

Pain is also a sore topic for asthma patients after surgery. After surgery it is usually inevitable and can cause many days of grief. For the asthmatic, additional pain medication can increase the chance of an attack. Ibuprofen should be used cautiously with asthmatics. Therefore it is always best to discontinue pain medication as soon as possible after a procedure.

Any Point Of Surgery Can Trigger An Asthma Attack

Patients who have asthma are at risk for complications during and after surgery. Since the whole process is nerve-racking, it can lead to an attack before you know it. It is best to closely monitor your symptoms and look for any change in breathing.

Although it might seem minor, asthma symptoms have a way of getting out of control during the surgical process. So you should have complete physical before your surgery. This will reduce the risk of having complications.

Many Complications Can Be Avoided

The good news is that surgery asthma can be avoided. Prevention is the key to a safe surgical process.

If you have any issues with asthma then you should address them with your doctor or anesthesiologist before the operation. They are especially trained with surgery asthma and can answer your questions.

Together you can develop an asthma action plan to keep you symptom-free before, during, and after your procedure.

Different Asthma Symptoms Have Different Treatments

In the weeks before surgery you should take special care to find out about your asthmatic condition. Many patients with mild asthma have no change in treatment.

But some people with severe asthma require a short period of corticosteroid treatment to improve lung function. 

Asthma does not have to keep you from surgery. With the right precautions, you can have the safest possible procedure.

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