What Is Asthma?
A Quick And Easy Definition

What Is Asthma?  If you have ever had moments where you could not breathe, you might be suffering from asthma. This disease is a chronic inflammatory condition wherin the airways develop an increased responsiveness to certain stimuli, shown by increased mucus production, inflammation, and intermittent airway obstruction. 

Doctors do not agree on a clear definition of asthma because there are many things to be considered. There is no one clear diagnostic test and it is affected by hereditary and environmental factors.

So don't be suprised if you are uncertain about it. Many medical professionals have trouble defining what it is and what causes it.

Do I Have Asthma?

Do I Have Asthma? … This is a question that is frequently asked when there is a breathing issue. If you sometimes gasp for air and feel like you are drowning on dry ground, you might have the big bad monster known as … Asthma.

But don’t let it take your breath away … You can conquer it!

Asthma is a chronic condition that causes swelling in the bronchial tubes of the lungs. Symptoms usually include shortness of breath, wheezing and chronic coughing. It sometimes develops gradually, and its symptoms may not be very noticeable. There are many cases where people have died without even being aware that they were at risk. 

Asthma can turn life threatening in the wrong situations. If you are unable to get breath for too long and then suddenly panic your airways are going to become even more constricted. Then during this time you will not be able to breathe like you should be able to.

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The Pathophysiology Of An Asthma Attack: What Really Is Going On?

What Is An Asthma Attack? If you have ever had moments where you could not breathe, you might be suffering from asthma. It is defined as a chronic medical condition in which the lungs are oversensitive to certain allergens. 

It is only natural for someone with asthma to feel a need to know everything about the condition and how it effects the lungs. What you've learned here can be applied in your life, helping to control your disease and keep stress at a minimum.

Use the information from this article, and you will realize that you can have asthma and still live a comfortable life.

An unacceptable number of people die from asthma attacks.  Although asthma is dangerous, it does not have to be lethal. Rather than being a victim, you can understand the pathophysiology of asthma and learn how to control it.

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Common Scary Asthma Symptoms That You Should Know About

Have you wonder what asthma symptoms feel like?

Do you sometimes go into an intense coughing fit? Do you sometimes feel short of breath with little or no physical activity? When you breathe, do you sound wheezy? These are all serious breathing problems.

Asthma is a serious condition that can affect people of any age or gender. You must be vigilant regarding your symptoms, and be certain to consult good doctors in regards to your condition.

This article will show you some simple ways you can reduce your asthma symptoms, thus lowering your chances of a serious attack.

But before you self-diagnose, it is best to talk with your doctor. If you have not been diagnosed with asthma, you might find shortness of breath alarming. It can be slightly bothersome or stop you in your tracks. Be aware that some of these symptoms are also signs for other illnesses.

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Understanding Asthma Causes … What Really Is Causing Your Breathing Problems?

While identifying asthma causes is difficult if not impossible, it is important to realize that there are some factors that predispose certain people to this problem.

Asthma is an inflammatory condition where your bronchiales constrict causing breathing difficulties. Your bronchioles become inflamed for a variety of physical, emotional and environmental reasons.   It is not contagious so, you cannot catch it from another person.

For many people, it becomes prevalent in early childhood or onset as an adult. Although it may be similar to other respiratory diseases, it has unique characteristics. ]

This article will explain some of the reasons asthma attacks occur and will show you how to handle them. This will make them easier to deal with.

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Classification: What Asthma Type Do You Have?

Asthma is different for each individual and the intensity and duration of the asthma attack or episode can greatly determine the severity of one’s asthma.  There are actually four categories that cover the severity of asthma. They possess different characteristics as well as need different kinds of intervention and medication.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with asthma should strive to be knowledgeable about the nature of the condition. When you learn more about your type of asthma, it is much easier to deal with. 

We have, thankfully, learned a lot about living with asthma and how you can be happier if you have it.

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Complications That Can Put You In Danger

Asthma complications can threaten your very life. Your breath is something that you simply cannot live without. Described by physicians as a chronic inflammatory disease of the lung airway, asthma can become something that touches every aspect of your life.

This chronic respiratory disorder characterized by frequent wheezing, labored breathing, sense of chest congestion and frequent attacks of coughing and gasping. It is a disease of the respiratory system in which the airways narrow down often in response to a “trigger” meaning exposure to cold air, exercise, allergen or emotional stress. 

These symptoms of asthma can range from mild to life threatening and can be controlled by drugs and separate lifestyle changes. But the complications can cause even more trouble.

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Asthma And Allergy - What Is The Connection?

When we hear of allergy and asthma studies, we often find them lumpted together.  Is there really a connection between allergies and asthma?  To get to the answer to this, we must first learn what allergies and asthma actually are.

Allergies are immune system reactions to things that others would find harmless.  Certain foods, pollen, even dust are all considered allergens that can trigger an allergic reaction.  The immune system produces antibodies that release chemicals

Asthma is a chronic lung condition, characterized by difficulty in breathing due to extra sensitive or hyper-responsive airways. During an asthma attack, the airways become irritated and react by narrowing and constructing, causing increased resistance to airflow, and obstructing the flow of air to and from the lungs.

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Asthma And Stress Can Cause A Bad Attack

Asthma and stress are not good companions. Asthma can certainly be triggered or worsen by stress, and this makes it more difficult to treat. More and more sufferers are becoming aware of the influence of these two on each other. Asthma can certainly be a cause of stress, and this can definitely make it more difficult to control. 

Feelings of anxiety or panic can come from many sources, such as work or social situations. Many people who have asthma often say that it tends to be worse whenever they are upset or under stress and it affects their breathing. 

In recent years, there have been an increasing number of both human and animal studies that link psychological and emotional stress to illness. 

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Bronchitis vs. Asthma: What Is The Difference?

Bronchitis is a very common respiratory condition and it can be occur in anyone, regardless of sex and age. However, the people who are exposed the most to developing forms of bronchitis are smokers, people with other respiratory illnesses or people with weak immunes system. 

Smokers usually develop chronic bronchitis, a form of disease that needs ongoing treatment.

On thе оthеr hand, asthma іѕ а condition thаt develops whеn thе airways оf thе lungs swell. Thе swelling leads tо narrowing оf thе air ways whісh causes difficulty іn breathing. A person suffering frоm chronic bronchitis аnd asthma suffers frоm а condition known аѕ asthmatic bronchitis.

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What Is Asthma?

Do I Have Asthma?

The Pathophysiology Of Asthma - What Really Is Going On?

Common Scary Asthma Symptoms That You Should Know About

Understanding Asthma Causes … What Really Is Causing Your Breathing Problems?

Asthma Classification: How Severe Is Your Wheeze?

Asthma Complications That Can Put You In Danger

Asthma & Allergies - What Is The Connection?

Asthma And Stress Can Make For a Bad Attack

Bronchitis And Asthma: Can You Tell The Difference?

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